Association Bylaws allow for standing committees and special committees as needed.  Committee members are appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Committee.

Negotiations Committee


The Negotiations Committee shall survey the members and prepare a proposed package to be negotiated with the employer by the Association’s negotiating team.

Grievance Committee


The Grievance Committee shall explore and prepare programs for securing satisfactory policies and procedures for the redress of grievances and complaints.  It shall process all grievances filed in accordance with the Agreement and policies adopted by the Association.  It shall advise the Executive Committee in situations involving the defense of individual rights.

Membership Committee


The Membership Committee shall organize and conduct membership enrollment.  Its members shall attempt to get cash members and former non-members enrolled for the current school year.  It shall communicate with members on Automatic Payroll Deduction to return by direct mail any corrections in their status or address after receiving their annual membership cards in the mail.

Communications Committee


The Communications Committee shall be responsible to keep the general membership informed of Association action through fliers and newsletters.  It shall develop a telephone call system for membership in case of a crisis situation.  At least one (1) of its members shall keep in close contact with the negotiating team.  All communications shall be reviewed by the Association President.

Legislative Committee


The Legislative Committee shall have broad concern for state and national legislation affecting the interests of the Association.  It shall inform members about newly proposed and enacted legislation related to their welfare; promote DSEA/NEA legislative goals, programs, and activities leading to the passage of desirable legislation; encourage members to exercise their responsibility for voting and their right to participate in political activity.

Elections Committee


No officer of the Association or member of the Executive Committee shall serve on the Elections Committee. A list of names of candidates shall be prepared by the Committee and presented to the Executive Committee and General Membership at least fifteen (15) days before the election.

Special Committees


The President shall appoint special committees as may be necessary and shall disband them upon completion of their duties. These committees shall operate according to rules approved by the Executive Committee.